Next Steps in Healthcare: Patient Engagement

In the article TEDMED innovation panel: We’re on the verge of a patient engagement explosion, Stephanie Baum explores what’s driving innovation today and the obstacles hindering patient enggement.

“The biggest challenge of innovation in healthcare is not so much in coming up with great ideas. It’s coming up with ideas that can fit into the systems for how providers are reimbursed and demonstrating they can improve patient outcomes.

On the other hand, innovation can be as simple and cost effective as providing small, achievable diet goals to improve a patient’s health that mimic gamification. It can also be providing mobile phones to pregnant women as part of a Medicaid program to ensure they can be reached for follow up care. Those were some of the critical points raised in a thoughtful TEDMED discussion Achieving more medical innovation more affordably.


The panel discussion moderated by John Nosta, an executive vice president, and senior strategist at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, lobbed questions at experts and took some from Twitter and Facebook in a discussion that talked about what’s driving innovation, what’s hindering it and how to make patient engagement a bigger priority.

One of the first questions brought up was on patient engagement. How important is engaging the patient to be a more active player in their care?” …

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Managing the Customer Experience

Kalinda Circles provides a platform for managing customer engagements.
Geoffrey Moore describes this as a System of Engagement.

In this video, Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm and Inside the Tornado,
Moore presents his views on The Future of Enterprise IT.


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Moving from Transaction to Engagement

Harvard Business Review, author R “Ray” Wang examines the nine common traits among Engagement Systems in his article Moving from Transaction to Engagement.

“Mobile enterprise, social business, cloud computing, advanced analytics, and unified communications are converging. Armed with the art of the possible, innovators are seeking to apply disruptive consumer technologies to enterprise class uses — call it the consumerization of IT in the enterprise. The likely results include new methods of furthering relationships, crafting longer term engagement, and creating transformational business models. It’s part of a shift from transactional systems to engagement systems.”

Moving from Transaction to Engagement

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Transitioning from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement

Dion Hinchcliffe of Dachis group details the transition from systems of record to systems of engagement in his article Moving Beyond Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement.

“When we look back at the first decade of the 21st century, it will be obvious that a few momentous changes in the business and computing landscape occurred. Of these, one of the most profound has been a decreasing emphasis on systems of record and the move towards what are called systems of engagement.”


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