Customer Stories

Customers have more ways than ever before to engage with your business. ┬áIt’s a challenge to understand the customer’s relationship when information is spread across several systems, each containing a partial view. We can help you bring this disparate information together in a shared system of engagement.

Here are some examples of solutions our customers have built using Kalinda Software.

  • Healthcare providers add forms that step Nurse Practitioners through treatment protocols to ensure compliance with best practices and collect notes that help them adapt case management to meet the patient’s specific needs and keep a record of actions taken.
  • Insurance carriers add activity streams to policy records to capture and share notes on customer interactions. Underwriters and agents work together to gather the information needed to assess risks. Agency and Underwriting managers subscribe to real time updates as action is taken. Instead of calling meetings, sending email or making phone calls to keep track of critical business activities, stakeholders are kept in the loop with real time status updates.
  • Financial Services companies create and share activity streams to better serve customers with multiple accounts. This helps them make decisions and personalize offers based on a complete understanding of the customer relationship.

Kalinda Circles reduces the learning curve for business applications, improves access to information, and increases responsiveness when the customer calls.