The OLR System for CICS

The Kalinda OLR System for CICS adds help screens, reference documents and shared notepads to CICS applications.

Kalinda OnLine HelpĀ adds help windows to CICS applications, making them easier to learn and use.

Kalinda OnLine NotepadĀ adds shared notepads to CICS applications, providing a history of customer activity in context with business records.

Kalinda OnLine ReferenceĀ adds documents to CICS applications, providing quick access to best practices, job aids and reference materials.

The OLR System can be added to applications with no programming changes to give business units the ability to reduce training costs, improve customer service and be agile in the face of changing business conditions.

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Kalinda Circles is the upgrade path for customers who are moving from green screens to web and mobile interfaces.