Kalinda Software

For over thirty years, Kalinda Software has helped industry leaders in insurance, healthcare, and financial services augment business applications to improve customer experience.

Kalinda Circles Enterprise Collaboration platform delivers contextual information at the moment of need, without searching:

  • Help tips, job aids, and documents that makes applications easier to use
  • Notes and activity streams that provide a 360 degree view of customer experience.

With Kalinda Circles, you can reduce the learning curve for applications, improve awareness of customer history, and enable collaboration across departments and with partners.

Responsiveness is key to quality, customer satisfaction and new business. We measure it at the point of customer contact.  It reflects organizational competence and  the ability of the business to deliver on demand.  We admire businesses that do this well, and they earn our continued loyalty.

With our depth of experience and successful track record, we are trusted long term partners. Your success is our success and satisfaction.

Kalinda Software is based in Emeryville, California with distribution and consulting partners across North America, Europe and Australia.

Phone: +1.510.658.9900